The Amazing Mulanje Mountain,What Makes It An African Wonder

Mulanje mountain is a granite massif that stands at 10,000 feet located in Southern Malawi,only 65km east of the city of Blantyre.As this magnificent wonder stands it dwarfs everything around it,the scale of it has to be seen in order to be appreciated.Tourists just love visiting Mulanje as it offers the best of everything,from the resorts,the plantations but mostly the view of the mountain.

As you stand from afar you will find it hard to believe its actually one mountain not a range of them because it covers over a thousand square kilometers.Mulanje Massif is even known to create its own climate which is another reason it stands as one of Africa’s wonders.

Like planet Venus which is beautiful from afar but very hostile and inhospitable up close so is Mulanje mountain.Those who dare take this mountain for granted have tasted its wrath .

And to others the rewards of visiting Mulanje have been greater,as they have experienced only peace and tranquility.The tea plantations that surround the mountain are just so beautiful making the whole place look like a fairytale land,not to mention the sheer drops of gullies decorated with water falls making Mulanje,Malawi a must visit destination in Africa.

If you wonder about where to stay while visiting Mulanje,there are actually some beautiful resorts there that offer the best services.There are some tour guides who will give you a up close tour of the mountain and the surrounding area.

Author: Naomi Munthali

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