Likoma Island Attractions

Just in the Northern side of a small African country called Malawi,you will find a hidden little heaven called Likoma island. One would wonder,what’s the attraction to this place? I mean tourists come from far and wide to visit this magical place.Even big time Hollywood stars like actor Sylvester Stallone actually take their time and come to Malawi to explore this little island.

Well who wouldn’t want to visit Likoma island,the attraction is just irresistible,the Cathedral,the culture,the people but mostly the lake,these are the main attractions to Likoma island that leave tourists wanting more of this place.

The Cathedral that made Likoma an àttraction site

likoma island claimed its fame in the year of 1903 by its cathedral which is a vast attractive building with some interesting features which include stained glass and carved soapstone.It is a size of whinchester its no wonder this building is a landmark,and its beauty always has visitors snap away whenever they visit Likoma island.

Besides the Cathedral the island has some lovely beaches which also pose as another great attraction,you will enjoy snokerlling and also just walking around the beach just to experience tranquility and that fine breeze.Just near the beach there is a luxury resort called Kaya Maya,so you will kind of experience the best of both world’s,being treated like royalty at the resort and the excellent picture frame view of the beach.If that attraction isnt enough there is also the people and the culture.

Whatever you learn here in terms of culture or the attitude it is definetly something worth taking back home with you and pass on to others.The people know how to make you feel at home,you could never feel alone in this place.

Author: Naomi Munthali

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