Is Malawi safe?

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Is Malawi Safe for Travel?

lake malawi imageWelcome to La-Exotica, a travel blog that showcases Malawi travel experiences and destination guides, these are tried-and-tested recommendations, hotel reviews and insider travel tips.

I created this blog as a place to provide answers after my encounter with an adventure enthusiast landed me with a question as whether Malawi was safe place to travel to or not. I began to scour the internet looking for information about Lake Malawi which is one of the most priced asset Malawi as a country has. I also tried to check for most popular accommodation places like Kaya Mawa, Ngala Lodge and many more, that was when I realised how short of information Malawi travel industry was. Now you might be wondering as to what qualifies me to write or talk about tourism, I studied at Malawi Institute Of Tourism, where after Graduation I went on to work for Malawi Protea Hotels for five years, few year later I left Malawi for UK where I did my degree in Computer science, After my Graduation in UK i went on to build a very successful Business which I still run across four continents from my Northwest Office in United Kingdom. This blog is a life passion for my country Malawi and my first ever dream job I had since childhood. Come and explore the wonderful world of Lake Malawi…

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