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Iam 31 years old, and have been making a full time income running my own technology and Internet Marketing companies from my office in North west England .

If you are looking for an honest review and comprehensive information about Lake Malawi. Kaya mawa or anything to do with Malawi, Its all here! Now you might be wondering as to what qualifies me to write or talk about tourism in Malawi, I was born there, studied at Malawi Institute Of Tourism, where after Graduation I went on to work for Malawi Protea Hotels now Le Meridian for five years, few years later I left Malawi for UK where I did my degree in Computer science, After my Graduation in UK i went on to build a very successful Business which I still run across four continents from my Northwest Office in United Kingdom. This blog is a life passion for my country Malawi and my first ever dream job I had since childhood. Come and explore the wonderful world of Lake Malawi with me…